Themes I
Here is a list of additional themes. (more can be found here).
To install the icons, simply download the zip-file, and unpack all the files in the archive to the themes-directory of MP3ext. Click on the example, to get a list of all the icons for this theme.

 Author: Christoph Päper   Download: each theme is a single file
 Comment: very nice looking. These themes are Christoph Päpers ideas of sonique icons. Each theme is different file.
Sonique (5kb)
Sonique BGColor    Sonique (5kb)
Sonique Clean    Sonique (5kb)
Sonique Fade    Sonique (5kb)
Sonique Pure    Sonique (5kb)
Sonique Pure Clean    Sonique Pure (5kb)
Sonique Pure Fade    Sonique Pure (4kb)
Sonique Uni    Sonique (5kb)

 Author: Jan T. Sott   Download: (3kb)
Winamp Documents   

 Author: Fireball   Download: Fireball (4kb)

 Author: Christoph Päper   Download: (18kb)
 Comment: very nice looking. Includes icon for playlists, and some more variants. All together there are 15 themes included
WinAMP bgc   
WinAMP fade   
WinAMP label   
WinAMP uni   

 Author: Pedro Moreira   Download: each theme is a single file
 Comment: WinAmp and Sonique style
WinAmpStyle (4kb)
SoniqueStyle (4kb)

 Author: Antoine M   Download: (10kb)
Winamp quality meter   

If you want too supply additional themes, feel free to do so. I will add them to this list.
It would be nice, if you can send the example-files too: the 128kb-icon as 16x16-small-icon.png and 32x32-big-icon.png. The backgrounds of the PNGs should be of the color #F0F0F0. Then a complete list of all the small & big icons. I took a snapshot of two explorer views.

After you finished all, send them to

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